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Graphic of cartoon character people with the word "VOLUNTEERS" on their shirts.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are no longer taking volunteers for our Summer Program.

Please check back in August 2024.

Become an AHMC volunteer and become part of our team!


Alhambra Hospital Medical Center is a 144-bed, general acute care hospital that offers high quality healthcare to the San Gabriel Valley community in a friendly and comfortable setting. Volunteers, like you, perform a variety of duties that aid in providing this quality healthcare to the community. We make every effort to place you in an area that matches your interests, with a schedule that works for you, and is convenient, also!

AHMC volunteers are people just like YOU! They are homemakers, professionals, students, and retired men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to meet new people, build rewarding friendships, use your existing skills, learn new skills, and feel great about yourself while serving your community.

How can you help?

Volunteering for High School and College Students and adults:

These volunteers provide support to the staff throughout the various departments in the hospital. They assist with clerical and computer tasks; information organization; patient group activities; visitor reception and guide services; and nursing station maintenance, as well as other responsibilities. AHMC recognizes the "Community Service" requirements of many contemporary schools, and has structured this program to offer an opportunity for younger members of the public to volunteer in a healthcare environment.

Spiritual Care Volunteers:

Our ordained and lay volunteers provide spiritual support to our patients and visit patients (upon request) several times a week, offering prayers, ceremonies, and sympathy across several denominations.

Patient Ambassadors:

Patient Ambassadors are dedicated to elevating the comfort of our patients by providing emotional support. Bilingual (English / Mandarin / Chinese) Ambassadors serve as non-medical interpreters for patients and their families. They also see to the conveniences of in-patient rooms, making sure that items are within reach and work properly; that meals and drinks are delivered and cleared in a timely manner; that patients have sufficient bedding and personal supplies; and that patients have friendly company, if they want some. As with all volunteers, however, patient ambassadors are not involved in direct patient care.

Volunteer shifts are available seven days a week, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If you would like to join as a student (minimum age is 16) or an adult volunteer, be aware that volunteers must begin with a commitment to donate a minimum of three to four hours each week for three months (30-40 hours).

NOTE: We do not place individuals in volunteer service to be trained for paid positions.

If you would like to speak to a volunteer representative, please call (626) 458-4787 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.